November 29, 2016

Indira Rana Magar

Program Director


Indira Rana Magar is a dynamic and committed social worker, a social entrepreneur who has been awarded with the Asoka Fellowship, and also a human rights activist. Indira started her social work working in prisons in 1990 alongside Parijat, a human rights activist. In 2000 she established her own charity – Prisoners Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal PA Nepal’s work focuses mainly on improving the life of the most vulnerable people in prison. Throughout the years, PA Nepal has grown into a well established NGO that provides education, skills and rehabilitation training for the most vulnerable groups (women, children, sick people and mentally ill people) while advocating for their rights.

Outside the prison world, PA Nepal is providing welfare and educational services to children as well as support programs for women. GEE Nepal operates as a special programme under PA Nepal. Indira has the overall responsibility of the GEE Nepal team and the running of the ground work. She identifies the most needy cases, submits her recommendation and together with Alannah decides which girls are chosen for the programme. She also co-ordinates the follow-up ensuring there are no problems and the girls are attending school regularly. Indira’s role in the project is crucial and her knowledge and experience in this field invaluable for the success of GEE.